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The purpose of this site is to help teens, parents, families, and friends who may have a loved one struggling with issues of being overweight.  Our website is designed to help educate on the statistics of childhood obesity and overweight teenagers. Articles include warning signs associated with overweight teens and teen eating disorders; such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders. Our goal is to help adolescents who may be experiencing weight issues and eating disorders find therapy or treatment to overcome these behaviors.

Food Addiction
Many people have cravings for food and may compulsively overeat but are they addicted to food? Food addiction is somewhat controversial. If you binge eat, have sugar cravings, overeat, or feel addicted to certain foods, keep reading to learn how to detect food addiction.
Teens and Fad Diets
Teens and fad diets can be a bad combination. Sometimes teens who want to lose weight will be tempted to try fad diets. Because teens' bodies are still developing, however, fad diets can be harmful to teens. Teens and their parents should learn how to spot and avoid fad diets.
Sugar Addiction
Like many other addictions, sugar addiction may affect you in ways you haven't thought of including withdrawal symptoms. This article helps define sugar addiction and the health effects of a high sugar diet. Keep reading for tips on overcoming a sugar addiction.
Medical Weight Loss
Medical weight loss refers to losing weight with the help of a physician vs. fad diets or other weight loss programs. There are many weight loss clinics nationwide with doctors who specialize in diet and nutrition. This article reviews dramatic medical weight loss options and more.