Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

There are many eating disorder treatment centers available throughout the United States. Eating disorders are life-threatening mental illnesses that really need to be treated with professional assistance to see recovery. Eating disorder treatment centers are the best option for recovery for most who suffer from the diseases.

According to eating disorder statistics, the number of teens with anorexia and other types of eating disorders is continuing to climb. For example, about five percent of all teen girls have anorexia nervosa. About one million men and boys also suffer from the disease. Intense treatment is said to be one of the only ways to help a person suffering from this disease to cope. Without treatment, about 20  percent of those with an eating disorder will die from a related illness. Out of all of the people with an eating disorder that get treatment, a small amount (2 to 3 percent) still die from the disease. Eating disorders are known to have the highest rate or mortality than any other type of mental and emotional illness. 

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers:

There are a variety of treatment centers that can be found throughout the United States. Some of these treatment centers are specifically for more severe cases of eating disorders and are designed to help those in-house meaning the person suffering from the eating disorder will live at the facility for a certain amount of time in order to receive the best possible treatment. Other types of eating disorder treatment centers work to focus on a regularly scheduled treatment that can be done while the patient lives outside of the facility. Those with the beginning stages of eating disorders or less severe symptoms have been known to successfully learn to control their mental illness through regularly scheduled treatment sessions. However, for the male and female teens and adults who struggle with eating disorders on a larger and more severe scale, it is important to consider searching for an eating disorder treatment center that offers more in-depth counseling and treatment. Eating disorders are known to ravage the mind and the body. This is why treatment must be specialized for each individual person because each person may have a different reason for why they developed an eating disorder in the first place. Getting the teen away from his or her routine in which they engage in the practices of their eating disorders, is an essential part of treatment necessary to get them out of their eating disorder cycle. 

However keep in mind that eating disorder treatment centers can cost upwards of about $100,000 for the entire course of treatment, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Treatment within a center usually entails both individualized therapy as well as group counseling. Regular meetings with a doctor and dietician to help those with the eating disorder to understand the health implications and severity of their lifestyle also take place. Dieticians will give the teen or adult recommendations on what to eat and how to eat so they can do so properly without having to worry about becoming overweight, but will be able to instead maintain a healthy weight. Learning more about the disease, how to treat it and finally how to live a healthy lifestyle is the overall mission of eating disorder treatment centers. The methods taken at the centers to ensure this happens is the best way to bring those teens with eating disorders success toward living a healthy life. However, because the treatment centers can be so expensive, it is important to find out what your health insurance may cover since some companies may cover part of the cost of mental health treatment opportunities. There are also other beneficial forms of treatment involving seeing a therapist weekly and seeing a dietician outside of the treatment center. Most hospitals employ dieticians as well as some private practices. Through the assistance of a therapist and a dietician, one with an eating disorder might be able to find a less expensive form of treatment. However, there are always ways to find assistance for such problems as well. Treating the eating disorder early and correctly is the best recipe for increased rate of success. Battling an eating disorder can last for a life time and treatment might have to be sought several times throughout the years. It is simply best to meet with a doctor or health care professional to determine the best and most effective form of treatment. 


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