Fat Camp

Weight loss camp, otherwise known as fat camp, is a type of weight loss program for overweight and obese children and teens to attend usually during the summer as a way learn to eat nutritious foods, exercise and lose weight. Fat camp can be a great tool for weight loss help.

Fat camp is generally referred to as a weight loss camp or weight loss retreat since the term fat camp can have such a negative and offensive connotation. These weight loss resorts are typically designed for teens and children who have a weight problem and need help learning how to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle. There are also fat camps, or weight loss resorts that are designed for adults as well. These adult programs usually help teach adults more about foods that are nutritious as well as about getting the right amount of exercise and losing weight. 

What is fat camp?

Some child obesity experts are becoming advocates for fitness boot camps or weight loss camps because there are so many success stories that come from these programs. However, there are many researchers that refuse to take a stand on weight loss programs because there is also a huge lack of actual statistics showcasing the overall results of these types of programs. Some researchers like Dr. James Hill , who is the editor of the professional medical journal Obesity Management, reports that many weight loss programs have been successful in encouraging weight loss beyond the summer camp experience. The key to these programs is to make sure the teens continue to lose weight even beyond what they are able to accomplish, or if they no longer need to shed the pounds, that they learn what it takes to maintain a healthy weight. There are many ways that teens gain weight through eating an unhealthy diet, drinking soda and under sugar-loaded liquids as well as becoming stationary and inactive. These types of behaviors will cause a teen, child or adult to gain weight if not balanced. This is the message taught by weight loss camps. These summer camps encourage healthy eating, portion control and fun activities that help teens get their muscles moving and their bodies up off the couch. So many children and teens in our current society now find their primary source of entertainment to be on the couch or behind a desk playing video games, watching TV and movies. These are okay behaviors to participate in on occasion, but are not healthy to do all day every day like the lifestyle of so many American children and teens. 

Pros and cons:

Weight loss camps are designed to show teens exactly how much they should be eating to do so in a healthy fashion, how to eat sweets, but to do so sparingly. Fat camps also get teens to become more active participating in fun summer camp activities including swimming, rafting, going on a canoe as well as other fun activities that are entertaining my also good for muscle movement and overall weight loss. While some weight loss camps offer a strong program that might help teach the child or teen new lifestyle habits that will encourage them to stay healthy post weight loss camp, there are also some negative experiences. If parents are not willing to help support their teen by also eating healthy or making sure there are healthy foods to eat at home, the likelihood of the experience learned at weight loss camp is not guaranteed to continue. Other cons to weight loss camp is that they may not be as good for your child's self-esteem. Some children might be negatively impacted by the harsh lessons taught at weight loss camp or in these types of fitness camps. However, for some teens and children losing weight and keeping it off might be the exact thing they need to boost their self-esteem. Weight loss programs like these are often pretty expensive. While the overall cost varies from camp to camp, parents need to consider they are paying for room, food, board and entertainment for four to eight weeks during the summertime. However for some this type of program might be a worthy investment. However, if the teen comes back home and resumes his or her previous lifestyle, they are likely to gain the weight back. This might be not worth it for some parents. However, it is important to search in your state or area to determine if there is a weight loss camp for your teen or child that would be cost effective and a worthwhile investment. Generally a Google search can help you find if a weight loss camp can be located.

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