Fun Exercises for Weight Loss

Fun exercises for weight loss can vary drastically depending on what each individual person deems fun. For some, a nice, long run is fun. For others, mountain biking or hiking are considered fun exercises for weight loss. The choice simply relies on each person's preference.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the different types of exercise that are considered fun exercises for weight loss, but might also be something you have never thought of before. Doing exercises that are new and outside the box can be fun for just about anyone because they spice up the routine and the feeling of boredom that often is the primary set back in a person's ability to accomplish their weight loss goals. Keep reading if you want to learn more about fun exercises for weight loss. 

There are many ways to exercise that are simply more fun if you do it with a friend or your family. Having that sense of support and chance to bond with a friend is a great way make any previously boring or dull exercise fun again. There are also ways to try a new workout with a friend to have a fun shared experience. 

Fun exercises for weight loss with a friend or solo: 

  • Trapeze class is a great way to try something new while burning tons of calories. You will be so entranced in learning something new and exciting, you won't even become bored with the amount of effort you'll have to put into the routine. Many thrive on a challenge and trying out a flying trapeze class, is a great way for those types of individuals to get in that much-needed or desired adrenaline rush as well as some serious upper body strength training. If you are looking for exciting and toned biceps, give trapeze class a try. If this type of teen exercise sounds like fun, but is too far outside your comfort zone, don't worry there are plenty of other fun exercises for weight loss you can try.
  • If dancing sounds like fun to you or you simply enjoy moving your hips to a good tune, give a workout like Dance Dance Revolution, the video game, a try. Most video game consuls offer some or multiple versions of this game. This is also a fun workout that you can do solo or can do with a friend if you have an extra dance pad. If you are a competitive type, DDR dance offs are a great way to challenge your workout buddy to a fun, but competitive workout. This is a great exercise if you are looking for a great cardio routine to get your heart rate up and the fat burning.
  • Indoor rock climbing is also another workout that can be included to the list of fun exercises for weight loss. Fat burning and muscle toning doesn't just have to take place in the gym or on a treadmill. Checkout indoor rock climbing walls. This is a great opportunity get some cardio as well as leg and arm toning exercises in place. Even better, indoor rock climbing is another activity you can try solo or with an entire gaggle of friends.
  • Rollerskating or rollerblading is a great way to not only find your inner child, but also get in a good workout. Dust off those blades or skates, put on a helmet and some protective padding and take a turn around the block. Rollerblading and skating require the use of muscles throughout your entire body, which is a perfect for overall toning and weight loss. It is also a fun exercise you can do with your friends.
  • Boxing is the perfect exercise to get in some overall cardio, practice self defense and get out those aggressions. Many find boxing to be not only a fun exercise for weight loss, but also a good way to unwind after dealing with daily stresses in life.
  • Boot camp might sound like an intimidating form of exercise, but for many it is a fun exercise for weight loss and is especially motivating for those who might need a kick to get started working out. 

As you can see, there are tons of different types of fun exercises you can do for weight loss. The most important thing to remember is to pick a weight loss routine that is fun for you. Finding an exercise that is fun is more likely to be a success for you when it comes to actually losing weight because you will be working out because you enjoy it rather than despise having to fulfill the necessary obligation. As humans, we tend to want to do what is fun and exciting rather than boring and tedious. Make sure your workout falls into the former category and you will be much more inclined to stick with it and see some serious weight loss results. Make sure you expand your options. See what local classes are available whether it be for martial arts, dancing, Zumba, yoga and many more. Pick one that you will find fun or challenging. You don't have to limit yourself to exercises that involve you hiding in a gym or running on a track. Unless you find those types of exercises to be the most fun, go for it. Simply pick something  you enjoy doing and you will have the best and most successful weight loss results. 


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