Lose Weight Fast Diets

Lose weight fast diets are becoming popular among overweight teenagers. Many teens are trying fad diets like the lemonade diet, cabbage soup diet, HCG diets, and more. This article discusses the pros and cons of lose weight fast diets and how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Losing weight can be difficult, and there is a whole industry built around ways to help people lose weight. Lose weight fast diets abound, promising that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or that you can lose several inches of belly fat in a month. Some of these diets do, in fact, work. They can help you lose weight quickly. But there are costs to losing weight so fast, and sometimes there are even health dangers. Here are some things to consider before you go on lose weight fast diets:

Nutrient Deficiency

In many cases, lose weight fast diets encourage you to cut out some nutrients. Cleansing diets have you eating (or, rather, drinking) mixtures that do not have a great deal of nutritional value. Other diets may have you cut out entire food groups, such as carbs or proteins. You deprive yourself of calories from certain nutrient groups, and the pounds start to melt away.

Unfortunately, these types of diets can lead to nutrient deficiency. Many of the foods we think of as “fattening,” like dairy, have some nutrients that we need. Cutting out dairy altogether can lead to brittle bones, such you are depriving yourself of calcium. Protein, which helps you build strong, lean muscles, can be a problem if missing. Even carbs, are important, connected to energizing your body and even helping your memory function.

Cutting out essential nutrients can be harmful to your health and to your body in the long term. Lose weight fast diets may be effective, but you might be missing something your body needs.  See our article on HCG Diet and Teens.

Stress on Your Body

Another issue is that dieting can put stress on your body. Losing weight that quickly, and being deprived of nutrients, can put stress on your body. Organs, from your liver to your brain, might feel the effects of this stress. Your heart can also feel the stress of rapid weight loss. This can be magnified if you are exercising a great deal in order to help move things along even more quickly.

Even more stressful for your body is if you are caught in a diet cycle. If you go on lose weight fast diets, and then put the weight back on, and then go on another diet, the cycle of nutrient deprivation can become quite stressful. You can create health conditions that you might not have anticipated when you crash diet at this rate.  See our article on Teens and Fad Diets.

Gaining Back the Weight

One of the biggest issues with lose weight fast diets is that they are unsustainable long term. You might be able to go for a month or two of diet restrictions, but eventually you are likely to break down. And, since you haven’t developed a healthy habit, you are likely to gain all of your weight back - and then some. Indeed, most people who diet are chronic dieters. They deprive themselves, reach a goal weight, and then back off, gaining all that they have lost and usually gaining five or more pounds on top of that. Then the cycle starts again with another crash diet to lose weight fast.

Even if you don’t regain the weight, you run the risk of other dangers. If you make deprivation a habit, you can actually develop an eating disorder that result in severe health problems.

Bottom Line

If you want to promote healthy weight loss, you need to live a healthier lifestyle. Instead of focusing on lose weight fast diets, you can focus on changing your habits a little bit at a time. Eating a balanced, healthy diet, and combining that with appropriate exercise, can be one of the best ways to lose weight - and keep it off - over the long term. The changes will come more slowly, so you will have to prepare to lose only a couple of pounds a month, but over time you will feel better as your health improves and your energy level increases.

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