Obesity in America

As the years go on, obesity in American continues to worsen. Obesity rates throughout the Unites States continue to get higher and higher each year among children, teens and adults. Nearly half of overweight Americans are considered to be obese. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight.

There are a number of theories and ideas to support why obesity in America is a continually growing larger and larger on an individual's weight basis. The total medial expense on the United States is a reported 117 billion dollars each year spent on illnesses and surgeries related to obesity, according to the Surgeon General as reported by Time Magazine. In fact, poor diet and lack of exercise could now become the leading cause of preventable death in the United States putting tobacco use into second place. Unfortunately, obesity statistics indicate there are 1.2 million teens joining the ranks to be considered obese each year. 

Causes of Obesity in American among adults and teens:

Only 27 percent of the number of obese Americans are committing to any sort of plan to lose weight or trim down by revamping their diet or exercise. Because of this low number of Americans actually trying to lose weight, it is no wonder the numbers continue to grow. It also doesn't help that the average American diet and numbers of Americans eating processed food every day, they are at risk of becoming at least overweight, if not obese. Americans are also becoming lazier than in previous years, according to recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control. Americans have always enjoyed eating meat from animals, sugary foods and overall foods that are known to expand a person's waistline. However, prior to the earlier part of the century, those kinds of foods weren't as readily available. Unless you were part of the upper class or wealthy, you didn't have access to a cheeseburger and fries every night for dinner. Nowadays, cheap food actually encompasses fatty meats, sugar and more. Because of the lack of exercising most Americans are again at risk for gaining weight and being unable to lose those extra pounds. Teens are no exception. Many researchers are attributing the number of overweight teens to too much time spent on the computer, engaging in social networking, playing video games, watching TV, movies and more. The weight gain among teens and adults in America is largely being attributed to Americans' behaviors in eating and exercise. 

According to the CDC, the United States must take drastic measures to curb these rising rates in childhood obesity, overweight teens and adults. Changing policies is one of the only and best ways to take on this huge overall of heavy Americans. The obesity epidemic is not just a health risk to all of those who are effected, but is also a problem with heath care costs throughout the United States. With the financial cost of obesity so high throughout the country, it is a threat to the quality of life of all U.S. taxpayers as well as those in the military to worker productivity. With so many issues currently plaguing the U.S. economy, less productivity is certainly no way to continue trying to fill the country's debt ratio. Some of these new policies also should include more accountability on the part of the food manufacturers as well as restaurant chains, which need more limits on how to market to children. 

Recovery of this huge epidemic facing the nation also comes into personal accountability. There are so many health issues like heart failure and more that come as a result of being overweight or obese. If more and more adults, teens and children began planning out healthier meals and snacks to consume, and to learn to eat better in moderation, obesity could be curbed as a growing disease. Exercise is also important and should be taken on as a habit and hobby of just about everyone that is capable of becoming more active. There are always fun ways to exercise that appeal to the desires of everyone. Becoming overall more active in their day-to-day activities is a great way to prevent future cases of childhood obesity and overweight teen struggles. These types of good behaviors can then transcend into adulthood.

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