Overweight Teen Treatment

This article contains options for overweight teen treatment, statistics on teenage and childhood obesity, and tips on how to make lifestyle changes that help prevent overweight adolescents. Keep reading for more information on overweight teen treatment options.

One of the health problems facing America today is the increasing incidence of overweight teens and teenage obesity. It is important to head off this problem now, since it could develop into a serious public health issue in the coming decades. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that about 17 percent of those 12 -19 are overweight. And, this trend is likely to continue unless something is done about it.

Helping overweight teens

It is important to note that there are several issues at play when it comes to overweight teens. When getting overweight teen treatment for overweight and obese teenagers, it is important to realize that the problem is more than just the weight. There may be medical problems as well. Additionally, it is likely that there are psychological issues involved with overweight teens - issues that may include teen depression and body image problems.

When choosing a treatment program designed for overweight teens, it is important to consider the additional problems that a teenager may be having. You want to choose a treatment program that will address the medical and psychological issues, as well as the physical issue of weight.

Options for overweight teen treatment

There are a variety of overweight teen treatment options. One of the most important points is to approach the weight issue. It is important to lose weight, but teenagers should be encouraged to do so in a way that is healthy for them. They should also be encouraged to adopt healthy habits so that a lifestyle change is made - rather than just a temporary weight change.

Fat camps are weight loss programs set in a camp atmosphere. Various activities, such as water aerobics, light hiking and other things are encouraged and taught. Additionally, many fat camps teach teenagers how to make healthy eating choices. They serve healthy foods and encourage teenagers to stop drinking sugary sodas energy drinks that do little in terms of provide for good health. The idea is to “detox” from unhealthy foods while teaching teenagers to become active and raise their metabolisms.

Treatment centers are available for those with serious problems. These can be in patient or out patient. Often, treatment centers for overweight teens include programs and support groups. These centers are usually reserved for teenagers that have serious health problems or psychological programs associated with being overweight. Regular programs may be dangerous or risky. Treatment centers allow overweight teens learn to live healthier in an environment that addresses their medical and psychological needs.

Counseling is often needed for those with severe problems associated with being overweight. Body image problems may be causing depression. A teenager may become obsessed with his or her weight and need help overcoming the fixation. Additionally, feelings of guilt and shame associated with some instances of overeating in overweight teens can lead them to feel that they are bad or worthless people. These thoughts may need counseling in order to be overcome.

Weight loss Surgery is considered a treatment of last resort for overweight teens. Indeed, teenagers that are overweight are not usually considered for surgeries that include bypass, stomach stapling or even the removal of part of the intestine. Rather, surgery is often reserved for obese teenagers whose health issues make it imperative that they lose weight quickly.

However, it is important to note that surgery is only a temporary solution. If the teenager does not develop healthy eating habits, it is possible for the results of the surgery to be reversed, possibly resulting in even greater problems.

Emphasizing lifestyle changes

The key here is to address lifestyle changes. Overweight and obese teenagers must make lifestyle changes in order to overcome the problem. This is because if it is viewed merely as a weight problem, it is possible that the teen will regain all that he or she has lost in terms of weight. This can lead to the perpetuating of a cycle.

Additionally, a focus on weight, rather than on healthy lifestyle choices, can lead to the development of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. It is important that overweight teens receive treatment that does not lead to new problems. Instead, the treatment should focus on health and wellbeing, rather on how the teen looks because of his or her weight.

It is possible to help your teenager adopt a healthier lifestyle by showing a good example and being supportive. Overweight teen treatment done properly and in a healthy manner takes longer than dramatic weight loss programs. However, the results are generally longer lasting and much better for the health of the teen.

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