Teen Self Image

Teen self image is a difficult to talk about with teens, but it is important to address. Unfortunately, the majority of teens encounter problems with their teen self image at least once in their life. For many, these thoughts are negative and result in serious problems.

For teens who have trouble with their weight, whether it really is an issue or not, often have negative self-image. These kinds of feelings can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and may persist into eating disorders, self-mutilation and even cases of suicide. Projecting a positive teen-self image is incredibly important to help those who may have negative self images learn to accept themselves for who they are. There are a few ways parents, friends and teachers can help teens learn to have more positive self-image rather than focusing on the negative. By having positive teen self-image, teens can learn to increase their self-esteem and have an overall better and more positive experience in their life. 

Why is having a positive self-image important?

Having a good self image or positive self esteem can be a difficult feat for many teens. However, it is possible and it is important. Teens who have a better self-image are more likely to become a successful adult, make more money, get a better education, have better friends and will have better overall relationships. Positive self-esteem and self-image are important because it gives the individual the power and courage to become successful adults. The path to learning how to develop good self-esteem often takes place when the teen discovers who they are, what they like, their strengths, talents, goals, dreams, friendships and other aspects of their life. It seems like this is a lot to figure out for a teen, but it is possible. Unfortunately teens with low self-esteem are more likely to participate in other activities that may not be the smartest or safest decision like drugs, underage drinking, drinking and driving, unprotected sex and many other risky behaviors. Do not let yourself stoop to this level. By understanding  the importance of having a good self-image, you are already on your way to having better self-esteem.

How to improve teen self-image?

As previously mentioned, the best way to develop a strong sense of self and therefore a better self-image, it is important for teens to have a better understanding of themselves. Throughout the teen years while the teen is figuring out who they are and who they want to be, they may take on attitudes and characteristics of their friends. However, if these characteristics do not do a good job of defining them, the teen should drop the act and keep looking for what makes them happy instead of what makes their friends think they are cool.  One other way to develop a strong self-image as a teen is to be honest with yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Most people are not good at everything. Do not beat yourself up if you are not musically inclined or aren't the best student. Explore your own strengths by setting realistic goals. It may turn out you are an incredible artist or you can sing. These talents should not be ignored. Celebrate these achievements and enjoy your talents. 

Overall it is important to remember the path to developing good self esteem is not an easy one. It will take time and there will likely be set backs along the way. Expect these and have a plan to overcome the negative occasions when they do happen. Do not expect any guarantees from having a good self image. You will still have to work to do well in school, sports, relationships and other areas of life. The key to having good self esteem is that it will be easier to work toward your goals and increase your likelihood of achieving them. Because changing your self-esteem to improvement can be extremely difficult, it may take outside resources to help you along the way. Don't be afraid to seek professional help in the form of counseling, therapyor support groups in order to help you increase your teen self-image. It is worth the effort, and will likely result in more successes for you later on in life. Don't be afraid to use your positive self-image to help others with low self-esteem learn how to feel better about themselves by being encouraging and sharing these tips and advice on how to develop better self-esteem.

Source: pamf.org

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